Archive November 2006 VII, No. 11


Rubbed the Wrong Way
Avoid common misuses of alcohol-based hand rubs to improve your hand hygiene protocol.

Take the Tedium Out of Credentialing
Find out how software can make reappointing your docs not only faster, but also easier and more cost-effective.

4 Ways to Outsmart Post-op Pain
How accurately does your staff measure and treat patient discomfort?

The Backbones of Profitable Spine Surgery
Spine isn't yet a high-volume outpatient procedure, but it's one of the better-paying specialties.

Scope Reprocessing: 4 Corners You Just Can't Cut
In these areas, you should be doing more, not less.

Do You Demo?
If you want more equipment than your budget will allow, a simple solution may be to buy a manufacturer's demonstration product.

Banking on Allograft Safety
How to ensure that bone and tissue implementation is successful.

Thinking of Buying...OR Lights
Quality illumination depends on stability and usability.


Editor's Page
"Under Arrangements" Not Going Over Well

Letters & E-mail
NPPE is real and more common than you'd like to think

This Just In
MedPAC to ASCs' rescue?

Ideas That Work
A code of conduct for all generations

The Quintessential Surgical Center Employee

Legal Update
Can You Lease Equipment From Your Docs?

Business Advisor
How to Avoid Silent PPOs

Coding & Billing
Are You Misusing the -59 Modifier?

Product News
Are We Heading Toward a Scar-free Future?

Behind Closed Doors
Postcards From a Traveling Nurse

November 2006

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