Archive August 2006 VII, No. 8


12 Medical Malpractice Traps
Even the most careful facilities are vulnerable to these hidden dangers.

What's Your Surgery Center Worth?
Here's the best way to set a price on your prized investment.

Measure Twice, Build Once
What your architect wants you to know before you begin.

What's New in Cataract and Refractive Surgery
Come tour the exhibit hall at the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery's annual meeting.

4 Tips to Achieve Latex Safety
Instead of a latex-free revolution, opt for a latex-safe evolution.

Is It Time to Change Your Distributor?
Excellent service and communication are as important as pricing, our reader survey found.

Endoscopy Without Sedation?
New technology makes it feasible, but patients' acceptance is lacking.

Thinking of Buying...A Spinal Microscope
Support, storage and cost provide a view into scope choices.


Editor's Page
Sitting in Judgment of a Surgeon

This Just In
PM starts lead to anesthesia complications

Ideas That Work
Picture-perfect case set-up

Coding & Billing
Are Your Accounts Receivable Too High?

A Manager's Guide to Managing

Business Advisor
How Late Do Your Cases Start?

Legal Update
Dealing With On-the-job Injuries

Medical Malpractice Quiz
NPO Nightmare

Product News
Products for More Efficient GI Procedures

Infection Prevention
Get Serious About Hand Hygiene

Power to the Patients

Behind Closed Doors
Physician, Heal The Nurse

August 2006

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