Archive May 2006 VII, No. 5


Make Your OR a Bully-free Zone
A look at why OR nurses terrorize each other and what you can do to end the hositilities.

How Do Your Monitoring Practices Measure Up?
Find out if you are over- or under-monitoring your surgical patients during anesthesia.

Options in Financing Capital Equipment
How to shop for the best rates and terms.

What You Need to Know About the TASS Outbreak
This rare and potentially serious condition is plaguing surgical centers.

Can Your Table Do This?
An overview of the features to consider when buying your next table.

Three Ways to Balanced Post-op Pain Management
Mixing, matching and moderating your anesthesia techniques.

What's New for Outpatient Orthopedics
A report from the exhibit hall at the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons' Annual Meeting.

Thinking of Buying...Drug Storage Systems
Secured-supply storage products go well beyond preventing the improper use of medications.


Editor's Page
Taming OR Bullies and a Cataract Complication

Letters & Emails
Pathologists are not vendors

This Just In
Insurer-hospital collusion in Colorado?

Ideas That Work
Give anesthesia a head start each day

There's a New Owner in Town

Legal Update
Selling Surgery Center Shares at a Discount

Coding & Billing
Plan Now or Pay Later

Business Advisor
All Hail the Scheduler

Should She Remove Her Bellybutton Ring?

Product News
Computerize Your Preference Cards

Behind Closed Doors
The Theory of Reality

May 2006

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