Archive January 2006 VII, No. 1


Is Your Compensation Fair?
Many managers feel squeezed from above and below. Here's why, and here's how the rest of the staff is doing.

What's New in Surface Disinfection
Manufacturers are developing products to combat problem bacteria with convenience and safety in mind.

Hand Hygiene for the Whole Facility
Protocols and products you need, from the waiting room to the PACU.

Now You See Them: 5 Profitable Procedures
We look at some profit-making procedures that have withstood the scrutiny of Medicare and other payers — at least for the time being.

Laparoscopic GYN: 4 Reasons to Go Gasless
Improved patient safety and surgeon comfort are reasons you should consider doing your GYN endoscopic procedures without CO2.

New Cases, New Faces
Adding a specialty or a surgeon? Here are practical tips to make the process go smoothly.


Editor's Page
It's Not Polite to Ask About Profitability

This Just In
Nation's largest insurer won't pay for anesthesia on routine colonoscopies

Ideas That Work
Beating PPOs at the out-of-network game

Learning to Love CQI

Coding & Billing
Give Your Facility the Coding Edge

Legal Update
Can You Mix Meds in Your Facility?

Anesthesia and the Pregnant Patient

Infection Prevention
Breaking Down Enzymatic Cleaners

Product News
Dry Heat an Alternative to Flashing

Behind Closed Doors
Time's Ticking on These New Year's Resolutions

January 2006

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