Archive August 2005 VI, No. 8


How Would You Prep This Patient?
Test your knowledge about hair removal, prep selection and pre-op showering in our eight-question quiz.

A Piece of the Action
To sell or not to sell part of your surgery center to a corporate partner? That is the question. We asked those in scrubs and suits for the answer.

Do Peripheral Nerve Blocks Make Your Surgeons Skittish?
Whether your docs dread delays or fear failures, here's how to overcome their objections to regional pain blocks.

Six Tips for Assessing Pain in Elderly Patients
Find out why these sometimes-stoic patients are often undertreated for pain — and what you and your staff can do to prevent it.

Why We Converted to Coblation Tonsillectomy
Our patients spend considerably less time in the OR and in PACU - and on the sofa at home.

From the Show Floor: What I Saw at ASCRS
Reviewing the new products for cataract surgery.

Don't Sweat Your Site Visit
From credentialing to competencies to crash carts, here's a heads-up on what your accreditation surveyor will be looking for.

Thinking of Buying...A Steam Sterilizer
Picking the right chamber size and type of sterilizer for your facility.


Editor's Page
Keep Propofol in Trained Hands

Letters & Emails
GPOs Are Not Wholesalers

This Just In
Gastro Docs Petition FDA to Relax Propofol Warning

Ideas That Work
An Alternative to Drops for Cataract Patients

How to Convert to a Four-day Workweek

Behind Closed Doors
Hear, See, Speak No Evil in the OR

Product News
Extra Light at the Surgical Site

Medical Malpractice Quiz
Spinal Anesthesia Goes Awry

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