Archive June 2005 VI, No. 6


Fatal Flaws: Are Your Cosmetic Procedures As Safe As They Can Be?
From procedure stacking to deep vein thrombosis to hypothermia, experts weigh in on the causes for concern.

The Essentials of Minimally Invasive Spinal Procedures
New surgical technology and advances in anesthesia let spine surgeons perform their less-complicated spinal cases in an outpatient setting.

Getting the Most Out of Your Case Carts
Case carts are only as good as the effort you put into them.

Should You Add Retina?
How to decide if posterior segment surgery is right for your facility.

7 Hot Topics in Electrosurgery
Follow these equipment, patient and OR tips to help you improve this practice's safety.

From the Show Floor: What I Saw at AORN
The newest array of products for operating room nurses.

What's at Your Disposal?
Flushing Out the Essentials of Fluid Disposal Systems

Thinking of Buying...Patient Positioning Devices
Finding the balance between surgical access and patient safety.


Editor's Page
When Did Vanity Become a Fatal Flaw?

This Just In
Whistleblower Gets $1M

Letters & Emails
A Better Way to Track Infections

Behind Closed Doors
Little White Lies Surgeons and Staff Tell

Ideas That Work
Home Care for Same-day Surgery Patients

Legal Update
How to Turn Out Loyal Surgeons

Coding & Billing
Billing for Terminated Procedures

Infection Prevention
Cleaning and Sterilizing Cannulated Instruments

Bioterrorism Agents and Barrier Protection

Product News
Easy Does It on Drapes

Medical Malpractice Quiz
Doc Gives Potentially Toxic Dose of Bupivicaine

June 2005

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