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Archive >  April, 2005 VI, No. 4

8 Ways to Wow Your Accreditation Surveyor

A more favorable outcome and a more productive survey are your rewards for making your surveyor's job as easy as possible.

Nancy Burden

True story: A freestanding ASC I once worked for received an unannounced visit from a state inspector. The receptionist ushered him into an empty office and took his business card to the acting administrator, whose office was right next door. Upon examining the card, the acting administrator - unaware that the inspector was nearby - shouted through her open door, "Good grief, the state is here! Get the doorstops out of the doors!"

Not the best way to begin a survey, was it?
Many of us can recount similar experiences that, miraculously, didn't wind up closing our facilities, even if they did jumpstart our pulses and gray a few hairs. Let's face it: Even prearranged inspection visits from local, state, federal or accrediting authorities can spell stress and anxiety for your entire team.

But here's a secret: Surveyors are human. Like you and me, they're trying to do a good job. They're dedicated to safety and quality. The difference is, a surveyor only has a few hours to gather information and measure compliance before judging a facility's performance. It's a daunting responsibility.

We should match that responsibility by ensuring that the surveyors' jobs are as easy as possible. A facility that is prepared and open to the needs and requests of its surveyor will likely see a more favorable outcome, and may even benefit from a more productive survey. Here are eight ways to impress the surveyors when they visit seeking proof of your commitment to quality.

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