Archive April 2005 VI, No. 4


Drawing Up a Winning Schedule
How to maximize OR efficiency and minimize patient waiting time on the day of surgery.

Negotiating Carve Outs for Orthopedic Implants
Reimbursements for anchors, plates and screws can mean the difference between profit and loss.

5 Strategies for Better Airway Management
Tips, tools and techniques for maintaining the airway more efficiently and safely.

8 Ways to Wow Your Accreditation Surveyor
A more favorable outcome and a more productive survey are your rewards for making your surveyor's job as easy as possible.

Keys to Managing Complex Cataracts
A look at seven types of complex cases you might encounter, and the products and techniques for handling them.

Boom or Bust?
13 tips to ensure that your boom delivers on its promises — and doesn't end up being a colossal blunder suspended from the ceiling.

Thinking of Buying...Power Tools
What you need to know to get tools that are light and powerful.


Editor's Page
What Gets Measured, Gets Done

This Just In

Letters & Emails
The Correct Antibiotic at the Correct Time

Ideas that Work
Two ORs for Every Surgeon

Hospital Insider
Getting Your CEO's Ear

Legal Update
A New Way to Finance ASC Joint Ventures

Coding & Billing
Mastering the Appeals Process

Staff Lounge Lizards

Preventing Medication Errors in Pediatrics

Infection Prevention
Keep Flashing to a Minimum

Product News
Reducing Waste of Emergency Supplies

Medical Malpractice Quiz
The Unneeded Lab Test

April 2005

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