Archive February 2005 VI, No. 2


Fast Facts About Fast Track Anesthesia
Which anesthetic techniques and induction agents are best suited to make this evolving form of ambulatory anesthesia work for you?

Letters Emails

What's New in Phaco Machines
Here's a look at what's on the market and how it might accommodate your and your surgeons' needs.

Evaluating Surgical Skin Preps
Here are some things you'll need to know about our One-Stop Guide.

Rescued by a Corporate Partner
This failing surgery center was out of options until a management firm led a facility-saving turnaround.

Reader Survey: Patient Warming Gets Proactive
The focus is on maintaining normothermia throughout the patient's stay.

Are Refurbished Microscopes Right For Your Facility?
Industry experts and surgical managers discuss the pros and cons of restored scopes.

What to Expect on Your Next Survey
Soon after the surveyor paid these three facilities a visit, so did we. Here's what we found out.

Thinking of Buying...Electrosurgical Generators
Power, waveforms, extra features and disposables comprise the purchasing keys.


Editor's Page
What You're For, Strengthens You

This Just In
Preventable Errors

Ideas That Work
Televising Your Surgery

Legal Update
When Is Consent Truly Informed?

Coding & Billing
10 Timeless New Year's Resolutions

Making Monthly Meetings Meaningful

How to Handle a Bleeding Surgeon

Infection Prevention
Keep Your Red Bag Waste Off the Floor

Product News
End Complaints About Gloves' Rolling Down

Medical Malpractice Quiz
Wrong Person Surgery — A Near Miss

February 2005

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