Archive January 2005 VI, No. 1


See What Your Colleagues Are Making
Our 2nd annual salary survey examines what managers and their staffs earn in hospitals and ASCs.

Trends in Post-Operative Pain Control
A look at four factors that have shaped the way we treat acute pain.

5 Steps to Reduce Red Bag Waste Costs
Our experts share practical advice for minimizing your biohazardous waste.

Why Not Repair Your Own Scopes?
Our in-house repair program has been kind to our budget and all but eliminated the time our scopes are out of commission.

Turning an OR into a Gold Room
Something special happened when this hospital designated a single operating room to be a model of production and efficiency.

Negotiate Your Way to Lower Supply Costs
I save my facility thousands of dollars a year by beating sales reps at their own game. So can you.

Thinking of Buying...Surgical Gowns
Although the comfort is what clinicians notice first, look for a gown with an equally impressive protection level.


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Shaking the Stereotypes

This Just In

Letters & Emails

Ideas That Work

Legal Update
All Shares Are Not Created Equal

Coding & Billing
What the New CPTs Mean for ASCs

Hospital OR Monitor

Safe Minimally Invasive Surgery

Infection Prevention
Handling Equipment on Loan

Product News
Products for Cleaner Endoscopy

Medical Malpractice Quiz
The Questionable Allergy

January 2005

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