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Grow Your Bottom Line Without Doing One More Case
Are you leaving money on the table? Here are 10 ways to collect what's rightfully yours — and get paid in full.

No Smoking In the OR
In your quest for safer surgery, here's how to convince your surgeons to actually use the smoke evacuation devices you've purchased.

12 Tips to Cut Cataract Case Costs
Here's how your colleagues are battling back against higher supply and equipment costs and frozen reimbursements.

5 Tips for Managing Pediatric Post-op Pain
How to prepare your facility, your patients and your patients' parents.

6 Tips for Switching Distributors
Whom you contract this valuable service to might be your biggest sleeper in terms of cost and operational efficiency.

Survey: Brushless Scrubs Catching On
Many who use the new alcohol-based products say scrub times and skin problems have decreased while infection rates have stayed the same.

On the Path to Perpetual Inventory
A thriving facility is well on its way to automating its materials management system and reducing its supply cost per case.

Thinking of Buying...Liquid Waste Disposal Systems
Find out how to meet the challenge of disposing of fluid waste safely and economically.


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The Rise of the Joint Venture

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Ideas that Work
Give Patient Escorts a Beeper

Volunteers: Valuable and Free

Legal Update
Malpractice Policies to Live By

Coding & Billing
Leaving Money on the Table?

Ask the Experts
Mopping the OR Floors Between Cases

Hospital OR Monitor
Innovative Safety Lessons

Speak Up to Prevent Sharps Injuries

Infection Prevention
Is Your Water Safe?

Product News
Scar-less Surgery?

My Turn
Compassion Fatigue?

November 2004

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