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How to Track Surgical Site Infections
Tips for monitoring infection rates in ambulatory patients.

The Latest on Surgical Preps
New and improved products are available, but a regulatory vacuum remains.

Raising Awareness of Anesthesia Awareness
Here's a look at what you can do to prevent anesthesia awareness.

Can Hospitals Keep Their Share of the Outpatient Surgery Market?
A peek at why some hospital surgical programs thrive while others struggle to survive.

11 Tips for More Efficient Anesthesia
Practical ideas for improving your anesthesia regimen and getting your patients in, out and on their ways faster.

Is Cost-per-case Leasing for You?
What leasing programs based on case volume or consumable purchases mean to you.

What's New in Procedure Packs
Find out why having all the disposable products, drugs and solutions you'll need for a case pre-packed in one container is a concept that's catching on.

What I Saw at AORN
A report from San Diego of the top technologies on display in the massive AORN exhibit hall.

Thinking of Buying... Image-guided ENT Navigation Systems
Image-guided ENT Navigation Systems


Editor's Page
Anesthesia Awareness

This Just In
An ASC Consultant With a Past

Letters & Emails
Hands Off Anesthesia Profits

Ideas That Work
Pay the Pros to Shred Your Medical Records

Been to Any Good Conferences Lately?

Legal Update
Can a Group Practice Own a Surgery Center?

Coding & Billing
Getting Paid for Pain Management Fluoroscopy

Ask The Experts
Can You Explain Primary vs. Secondary Verification?

Infection Prevention
Tracking Your Healthcare-Acquired Infections

The CDC Workbook: Total Sharps-injury Improvement

Product News
A Replacement for Wydase

My Turn
Our Small Acts of Fraud

June 2004

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