Archive May 2004 V, No. 5


Nurses Doing Flexible Sigmoidoscopy and Colonoscopy
Is it safe for nurse endoscopists to perform either - or both - of these procedures?

5 Ways to Prevent Endophthalmitis
What you can do to forestall this dreaded complication.

What I Saw at AAOS
An update on the latest in autoclavable scopes and cameras and integrated digital OR suites from the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons Annual Meeting.

5 Strategies for Safer Pain Pump Practices
Practical tips for improved device purchase and clinical practices.

Join the Regional Anesthesia Revolution
Find out how to reduce general anesthesia and improve post-op pain management.

What's Your Accreditation IQ?
Test your knowledge of these important accreditation requirements.

If You're Thinking of Buying...Surgical Headlights


Editor's Page
Slow Down for Safety's Sake

This Just In

Letters & Emails
Gastro Docs Closing Their Eyes to Dangers of NAPS

Ideas That Work
Stressed Staff? Try Yoga

In-services That Get Results

Legal Update
Stark Phase II Spares Surgery Centers

Coding & Billing
Should You Host Cases Tied to Lawsuits?

Ask the Experts
Can MDs Invest in More Than One Surgery Center?

Alcohol-rub Dispensers OK to Mount in Hallways

Infection Prevention
How Long Should You Scrub Before You Prep?

Product News
A Less Invasive Birth Control Procedure

Site Visit
Putting New Hires Through The Proper Paces

My Turn
Searching for Answers In Steven's Death

May 2004

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