Archive April 2004 V, No. 4


Is the Sky Falling on Physician-Owners?
Emboldened by their success in harassing physician-owned surgical hospitals, hospital lobbyists are now lining up physician-owned ASCs in their crosshairs.

Is It Time to Cash Out?
Key questions to answer before deciding to sell equity to a corporate partner.

6 Ways That Hospitals Can Recapture Cataracts
Advice on how to compete with alternative-site surgery centers.

What's New in Sutures
New materials and needle designs may make wound closure faster, safer and stronger.

Can Surgery Centers Profit from Anesthesia?
The short answer to this question is yes, but participating in anesthesia profits is fraught with regulatory peril.

5 Fast Fixes for Your Anesthesia Budget
You can ease the pain of anesthesia costs at your facility with some simple, often overlooked curbs.

Arthroscopy Equipment Update
Sharper scope and camera systems provide better visualization.

5 Tips for Buying Surgical Lights
You can't afford to make a poor decision when it comes to this key element of outfitting your OR.

5 Ways to Crack Down on Supply Loss
Simple steps you can take to prevent surgical supplies from jumping off your shelves.

Endoscope Disinfection Product Update
These four products may help do the job faster and more safely.

If You're Thinking of Buying...
Automated External Defibrillators


Editor's Page
A Fresh Look; A Fierce Battle

This Just In
Highlights of MGMA's Ambulatory Surgery Performance Survey

Letters & Email
Office Surgery Deaths Blown Out of Proportion

Ideas That Work
Paying Staff Not to Work

Learning to Love Employee Evaluations

Legal Update
Do You Have a No-Drive Policy?

Coding & Billing
Anatomy of a GI Operative Report

Help Your Surgeons Adapt to Safety Devices

Infection Prevention
Reducing the Risk Of Patient Infection

Product News
Better Endoscopy Imaging?

Site Visit
Surviving On Surgery One Day A Week

My Turn
The Problem I Have with Specialty Hospitals

April 2004

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