Archive March 2004 V, No. 3


Troubling Times for Office Surgery
Will the growing regulation of office surgery set office surgeons back or elevate the profession?

Maintaining the Profitability of Cataract Surgery
With financial pressures mounting, HOPDs and ASCs are on a mission to keep cataract extractions profitable.

7 Advances in Surgical Gloves
Today's surgical gloves fit better, feel better, work more safely - and moisturize your hands in the bargain.

How to Assess Pain In Pediatric Patients
Simplify and standardize your approach to pediatric pain assessment.

Eight Steps to Better Scope Reprocessing
Ready to brush up on your reprocessing technique? Our infection control experts identify the areas you're most likely to neglect.

How We Made Benchmarking Work for Us
By focusing on the numbers that really mattered, this hospital reduced turnover times and maximized OR use.

If You're Thinking of Buying...Supralaryngeal Airway Devices
Supralaryngeal Airway Devices


Editor's Page
The Trouble with Office Surgery

This Just In
Inside the Morphine Overdose Deaths of Two Boys

Letters & Emails
For Women, Sexual Harassment Is a Two-way Street

Ideas That Work
Make It Easy to Find the Right Drug

Does Managing During Turmoil Have to Be Traumatic?

Legal Update
The Art of the Physician-Hospital Joint Venture

Coding & Billing
Dealing with Denied or Partially Paid Claims

Protecting Your Staff from Waste Anesthetic Gas Exposure

Product News
Another Way to Prevent OR Fires?

Infection Prevention
Designing Your Facility with Sterility in Mind

My Turn
Why I'm Glad I Chose Office-Based Surgery

March 2004

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