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Sexual Misconduct in Today's ORs
A special report on how to keep your staff and surgeons from crossing the line.

4 Tips for Assessing Post-op Pain in Elderly Patients
Break through the barriers that inhibit good pain assessment in the fastest-growing segment of the population.

Is It Time to Replace Your Operating Microscope?
Simple ways to get years of dependable service from your scope - and what to do when it's time to shop for a new or refurbished one.

ABCs of Electrosurgery
Radiosurgical instruments don't require tactile pressure to cut tissue, yet they perform like the sharpest of scalpels.

5 Patient Latex-allergy Screening Tips
Your staff members are not the only ones at risk for latex allergy. Here's guidance from an allergist on how to screen for the condition in your patients.

Minimally Invasive Anesthesia for Minimally Invasive Surgery
Just as surgery has become less invasive, it's time to lighten up on our approach to outpatient anesthesia.

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Editor's Page
Getting Tough with Sexual Harassment

This Just In
Coming Soon to an OR Near You

Letters & Emails
Hospitals Should Be the Hub of Surgery Centers

Ideas That Work
Let Surgical Techs Intern at Your Facility

Legal Update
Exceptions to the Specialty Hospital Moratorium

Putting People Before Profits Keeps the Team Together

Coding & Billing
Focus on 2004 Ophthalmic Coding Changes

Ask Caryl
Is It Better to Buy or Lease GI Equipment?

One Surgeon's Crusade for Safer ORs

Infection Prevention
Wet Load or Wet Pack, Here's What to Do

Product News
Kinder, Gentler Gloves?

Site Visit
A Team of Working Mothers Working and Growing Together

My Turn
A Compassionate View of Patient Warming

February 2004

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