Archive January 2004 V, No. 1


What Are Facility Managers Worth?
Salary, bonus and benefits — the numbers look good for surgery center administrators across the country

Accreditation Roundup: What's in Store for 2004?
How the major accrediting bodies are changing their procedures and standards.

The ABCs of Pulse Oximetry
An anesthesiologist explains what SP02 technology does - and doesn't do.

Anatomy of an IOL
Focus on the basic issues, and it will be easier to choose from the multitude of options now available for cataract patients.

Measuring Clean in the OR
Monitor these six factors for more objective assurance that your environment of care is in top shape.

8 Tips for Improving Office Surgery Safety
Here's advice on how to make office surgery safer for your patients.


Editor's Page
The Return of the Prodigal Surgeon

This Just In

Ideas That Work
No Forms to Fill Out on Day of Surgery

Do You Need a Nurse Manager?

Legal Update
Out-of-Network Billing: Lucrative but Risky

Coding & Billing
A Look Inside 2004 ENT and GI Coding Changes

Ask Caryl
The Onus of Owning and Operating a C-Arm

Only Total Safety-Sharps Compliance Will Do

Infection Prevention
There's a Fly in My Suite

Product News
A Kinder, Gentler Trocar?

Site Visit
Service on a Silver Platter in This Amenity-Filled Surgical Hospital

My Turn
Getting Tough with Wrong-Site Surgery

January 2004

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