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Preventing Surgical Fires
How to protect your patients, your staff and your facility from getting burned.

What I Saw at ASA
Dr. Alan Marco takes you on an aisle-by-aisle tour of the expansive exhibit hall at the American Society of Anesthesiologists Annual Meeting in San Francisco.

Which is Better: IV or Gas?
Anesthesia providers weigh the merits of intravenous anesthesia vs. using inhalational agents.

Practical Ways to Implement Safety Devices
Practical tips from facility managers who've integrated safer sharp devices in their facilities.

What's New in Latex- and Powder-Free Gloves
Concern over latex allergy and potential hazards from donning powder has steered many facilites toward powder-free and latex-gloves. Here's a product review.

Preflighting Your Active Electrodes
Electrocautery remains the No. 1 danger in ORs today. Here's advice on preventing active-electrode accidents.

How Medicare Reform Affects You
A rundown of who stands to gain and lose the most.


Editor's Page
HOPD or ASC: Which Model Is Better?

This Just In

Ideas That Work
Color-Coxed Flags Signal Nurses, Physicians

Green People Float, Purple People Flex

Legal Update
Creative Lease Relationships May Invite Problems

Coding & Billing
Making the Case for Clearinghousees

Ask Caryl
Fast Facts About Random, Unannounced Surveys

Thinking of Buying...
Table Accessories

Site Visit
Where Good Ideas Get Done

My Turn
Peace on Earth, One Dog at a Time

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