Archive June 2003 IV, No. 6


Riskier Times Ahead for Surgery Center Owners?
After years of explosive growth and big payoffs, the ASC industry may be headed for a stretch of tough luck. Here's how to make sure you come out ahead of the game.

From Inpatient to Outpatient
How cutting-edge facilities are moving complex cases to the ambulatory setting.

Update on Surgical Lighting
When it comes to OR lights, buyers have a choice between ultramodern sophistication and sticking to the basics.

11 Common Endoscope Handling Mistakes
With proper care, you can extend the life of your scope — and avoid expensive repairs

Could You Save Money on Viscoelastics?
Facility managers must strike a balance between surgeon preference and economics.

A Case for Office Accreditation
Seven reasons to accredit your office-based surgery center.


Editor's Page
Look (Both Ways!) Before You Leap

This Just In

Letters & Emails
Making the Case for Bundling

Ideas That Work
Form an Inventory Control Committee

5 Tips for Negotiating With Your Board

Legislative Update
Selling ASC Equity to Utilizing Physicians

Coding & Billing
Avoiding Denials of Questionable Covered Services

Infection Prevention
Disposing of Medical Waste Safely and Effectively

Conventional Sharp Devices: A Dying Breed?

Thinking of Buying
A Sterilizer

Product News
An Impervious Surgical Drape

My Turn
Recuperating from the HealthSouth Hangover

June 2003

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