Archive May 2003 IV, No. 5


What ASCs Should Learn from the HealthSouth Scandal
Not only can careful patient accounting improve your financial performance — it can keep you out of trouble as well.

New CPT Codes
How hospitals, office-based facilities and surgery centers will fare under the new ASC procedure list.

Staying a Step Ahead of Those Constantly Changing CPT Codes
Here are 10 things you can do to simplify a process that leaves even professional coders dizzy.

Stop Wasting Time in the OR
Here's how one hospital combats the most common OR time wasters.

Hospital's Expansion Plans Caught in Own Tangled Web
The very argument a health system made to keep three competing surgery centers on the drawing board has come back to haunt it.

Reader Survey: How Do You Economize Sutures?
Practical advice for managing this high-cost inventory item.

6 Ways to Fine-Tune Your Endoscopy Anesthesia
Tips to keep patients safe and adequately sedated during their procedure.

The Ins and Outs of Pain Pumps
Considering continuous analgesic infusions for post-op pain? Here's what you need to know about pain pumps.

New Technologies for Colonoscopy
A look at the innovative designs and technological advances that make performing a colonoscopy easier.

IOLs That Do More
Here's a look at the unique features of the newest IOLs.

Is Cost-Per-Case Leasing For You?
Today's innovative usage-based financing programs let you acquire costly equipment by linking your monthly payments to your procedure volume.


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Pumping the Brakes

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Letters & Emails
If a Sterile Item Falls on the Floor

Ideas That Work
Use Sterile Wrapper to Cover Your Arm Boards

Making the Leap from the Hospital to the ASC

Legislative Update
Stark Act Amendment Would Kill Surgical Hospitals

Infection Prevention
Do Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizers Pose a Fire Hazard?

Reducing the Risk of Scalpel-Blade Injuries

Product News

Site Visit
Central Montana Surgery Center, Great Falls, Mont.
Continuously Expanding to Meet the Needs of a Rural Community

My Turn
Bombarded by a Barrage of Rules and Regulations

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