Archive March 2003 IV, No. 3


How We Transformed Our Employees into Stakeholders
A look inside the incentive program that lets our staff share in our surgery center's profits.

Rough Stuff
Tired of competition from surgery centers, community hospitals are toughening their tactics — and ASCs are fighting fire with fire.

The Art and Science of Appealing Denied Claims
Use this four-step process to overturn denials and dramatically improve reimbursements.

Seven Keys to Fast-Track Anesthesia
Here's how you can bypass Phase I PACU for an increasing number of cases.

A Surgeon, A Suture Needle — and Hepatitis C
Learn from this surgeon's experience to protext yourself in the OR from sharps injuries.

Scrub or Rub: Is It Time to Change Your Hand-Hygiene Protocol
Here's what you need to consider before you replace traditional soap-and-water surgical scrubs with alcohol-based hand rubs.

Should You Bundle Your Cataract Supplies?
Facilities can buy phaco machines by agreeing to get their IOLs and surgical supplies from one company, but is it really effective?

Six Ways to Break in Your Facility Management Software
A little strategic planning can help get your new software up and running smoothly.

Experts Speak Out on OR Tables
Here's how to buy tables that adapt to your caseload and last for as long as you need them.

What's New in Specialized Surgical Drapes
From increased antimicrobial protection to larger, smaller or better-adhered drapes, here's an overview of some new choices.


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MedPAC's Math Doesn't Add Up

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Letters & Emails
Anesthesiologists vs. CRNAs

Ideas That Work
Put Your Operative Schedule Online

The Case for Cross-Training Your Nurses

Coding & Billing
Lessons Learned From an Audit

If You're Thinking of Buying...
An OR Microscope

Infection Prevention
If a Sterile Item Falls on the Floor

Product News
Gloves with a Soft Side

Site Visit
Urology Surgery Center, Nashville, Tenn.
A Urological One-Stop Shopping Center

My Turn
MAC for Cataracts: A Question of Ethics

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