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Blocking Out Postop Pain
How one facility moved procedures to the outpatient setting by using single-injection and continuous-infusion peripheral nerve blocks.

The Great Surgical Prepping Debate
Determining the ''best'' surgical skin prep is mostly a matter of whom you choose to believe

How to Select a Patient Skin Prep Solution for Your OR

9 Strategies for Economizing Cataract Cases
Efficiency and volume, not cost cutting, are the keys to profitable cataract cases.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Accreditation
If you're thinking about submitting your facility to a survey, consider these points.

What You Need to Know About Endoscope Reprocessing
When you follow this infection control guru's advice for cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing flexible and rigid scopes, you'll be producing safe-to-use scopes.

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Cost-Cutting at Whose Expense

Letters & Emails
A Hair Out of Place

Ideas That Work
Instrument Pouch Racks Save Time

Saying 'No' to Your Surgeons

Coding & Billing
Submitting Clean Claims in 2003

If You're Thinking of Buying...
Power Tools

Site Visit
Southern Surgery Center, Hattiesburg, Miss.
For Everything Orthopedic

My Turn
Physician Supervision of Nurse Anesthetists

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