Archive October 2002 III, No. 10


Will Careless Coding Catch Up to You?
Real-life cases of how ignorance, laziness and deception landed three facilities in hot water.

Choosing the Right Anesthesia Arrangement
Contracting with an anesthesia group can help you survive the anesthesia shortage. The right full-time provider can work wonders for your facility.

How to Fast-Track Cataracts
Managers have responded to rising costs and shrinking reimbursements by taking aggressive measures to cut costs, become more efficient and build volume.

Update on Flexible Endoscopes
Here's a review of three new scope systems from Fujinon, Olympus and Pentax that your surgeons may be requesting.

How to Team Up with a Management Firm
Why and how to bring in a managing equity partner.

How to Profit from Minimally Invasive Disc Decompression Surgery
Several new technologies allow disc decompression to be done in outpatient facilities. Here's how to make them work for you.

Ideas That Work
Purchasing Prescription Drugs Online

Infection Prevention
Using Glutaraldehyde Safely

Coding and Billing
Inside the New Payment Rates

Letters & Emails

My Turn
When It Comes to Handling ASC Issues, CMS Deserves a B

This Just In...
ASC Fee Schedule Revisions

Wanted: Nurses Who Understand the ASC Mentality

October 2002