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Archive September 2002 III, No. 9


Who Has the Purchasing Power at Your Facility?
Our survey finds that surgeons and managers both wield considerable influence, in the end joining forces to get the best buy.

Are You Prepared for the Anesthesiologist Shortage?
If predictions of an impending provider shortage prove true, these five tips will ensure that your facility will always be covered.

Which Consciousness Monitor is Right For You?
Our panel of anesthesia experts takes you inside the BIS, the PSA and the AEP

Meet the Challenge of Pediatric Anesthesia
These developments are improving the practice of pediatric anesthesia.

Point-Counterpoint: Should You Reuse Phaco Tubing?
Is this a valid way to cut cataract case costs or are you putting your patients at risk for cross contamination? Two experts square off.

How to Guard Against Allograft Infections
Heres how to minimize your risk of infection in your donor recipients.

7 Tips for More Effective Inventory Management
Readers share their best ideas on ordering, tracking, organizing and secureing supplies.

Ideas That Work
Money-Saving Tips From Our Readers

Infection Prevention
How to Give Surgical Instruments A Good Cleaning

Sharpening Your Coders Saw

My Turn
Anesthesiologist Shortage: Major Strain or Minor Pain?

This Just In...
FASA Hoping ASC Rates Will Be Linked to Hospital Rates

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September 2002

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