Archive August 2002 III, No. 8


Accreditation Q & A
The accrediting bodies take on your top questions.

New Ways to Contain Post-op Pain
How post-op pain control is moving away from prn prescribing and toward prevention.

Should You Purchase New or Refurbished Equipment
Advice on getting what you bargained for when buying new or refurbished equipment.

Tips for Preventing Equipment Cross-Contamination
Infection control experts share their advice for keeping three hard-to-clean instruments pathogen-free.

How Managers Are Guarding Against The Latex Threat
As latex allergy becomes more prevalent in the general population and among health care workers, here are the steps surgery center managers are taking to protect their facilities.

Thinking of Adding Hand Surgery to Your Facility?
Hand surgery is an attractive specialty to add to an ambulatory facility. Here's what you need to consider.

How to Make Retina Work for You
Expert advice on how to make cases more cost-effective.

3 Ways to Put Your Web Site to Work
Tips for making your Web site an asset to your patients and your facility.

Infection Prevention
Your Surgical Towels May Be Sterile, But Are They Free of Debris?

A Primer on Coding and Billing Software Systems: Part Two

Letters & Corrections

My Turn
Fostering Facility Civility

This Just In...
Putting Placebo Knee Surgery Study into Perspective

Product News

August 2002

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