Archive June 2002 III, No. 6


Upcoming Meetings and Symposia

How to Sell a Piece of Your ASC
With booming growth and stellar profit margins, ASCs are quickly becoming the new darlings of Wall Street. Should you cash in on this growing trend?

7 Ways to Reach Your Cash Flow Goals
Improve your accounts receivable for a better cash situation.

What I Saw at the AORN
The tables, lights, and other capital equipment that stood out in the AORN exhibit hall.

How to Fine Tune Your PONV Regimen
What we know about how to prevent and treat PONV.

The ABCs of Chronic Pain Management
A primer on the basics of this ever-growing subspecialty.

9 Sacred Cows to Banish from Your Facility
Expert advice on how to separate ritual from reality.

Infection Prevention
How to Break the Chain of Transmission

Insurance Q & A
Post-op Pain Reimbursement: Are You Missing Out?

Letters & Corrections

My Turn
Why Were Suing the HMOs

This Just In...
Physicians gumbling over CMS cuts in hospital and ASC colonoscopy reimbursements

Product News

June 2002

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