Archive May 2002 III, No. 5


Upcoming Meetings and Symposia

Why ASCs Need a Compliance Plan
Plan now or pay later.

How We Made Office Surgery Safer
When you have a small staff, the road to accreditation success is measured and deliberate.

How to Manage the Risk of Malignant Hyperthermia
How to screen for and manage the symptoms of a potentially fatal condition.

How to Expand Your Eye Services
Creative strategies to offset declining cataract reimbursement.

5 Tips for a More Efficient Endoscopy Suite
Tips on everything from designing your facility to scheduling efficiently.

What to Ask When Buying Surgical Tables
How to select the right table for your facility.

How to Prevent Pressure Ulcers
Tips on screening and protecting your patients.

Infection Prevention
Storage Areas, Sterile Trays and Other Issues

Insurance Q & A
Does Your Facility Need an Audit?";

This Just In...
Pennsylvania Passes Major Malpractice Reform

Product News

May 2002

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