Archive April 2002 III, No. 4


Five Ways to Demystify Managed Care Negotiations
Savvy tips on how to stand your ground at the bargaining table.

How to Defuse Malpractice Suits
Expert tips on minimizing the risks and advice on how to proceed if you are sued.

The ABCs of Cataract Surgery
Understanding this procedure will help you keep surgeons happier.

Seven Common Sense C-Arm Safety Tips
Protect your staff from scatter radiation with these sensible c-arm safety tips.

Surgeons Speak Out About Surgical Lights
Reports from the OR on what works and what doesnt.

Update on Surgical Gowns
The latest developments in comfort and barrier protection.

Infection Prevention
What You Need to Know About Viruses

Insurance Q & A
How to Hire a Coder - Part II

This Just In...
Bush Administration Moves to Relieve HIPAA Burden

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April 2002

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