Archive March 2002 III, No. 3


How to Design a Lap/Endo Suite
Expert advice on what to look for when considering alternatives to doing procedures in a standard OR.

MEGATRENDS in Outpatient Surgery
Four powerful forces that will shape the future of outpatient surgery.

Which Anesthesia Regimen Is Best?
I Prefer the TIVA Approach - I Prefer a Balanced Approach.

Update on IOLs
Surgeons have more choice than ever, with better materials and designs

The Science of Latex Allergy
Understanding how and why it happens.

4 Ways to Take Control Of Your Pain Management Service
Maximizing the reimbursement potential of your facility.

What We Learned from an Emergency Evacuation
How one facility took steps to become better prepared.

Infection Prevention
A Primer on Surgical Antisepsis

Letters to the Editor

This Just In...
OIG Report Calls ASC Oversight

Product News

March 2002