Archive July 2001 II, No. 7


How to Value an ASC
Whether you want to make an important business decision, prepare for the future, or are just plain curious, heres expert advice on how to place a value on an ASC

Surgical Hospitals: Where Do They Fit In?
As many as 50 of these sleek new facilities are already vying for inpatient cases, but tough competition lies ahead.

How to Find Your Cost per Cataract Case
A step-by-step guide for determining and reducing costs.

Tips for Pre-Flighting Your Anesthesia Workstation
An anesthesiologist walks you through the process

Issues in Electrosurgery
Experts tackly four questions regarding this common technique.

How Our Hospital Tackled Latex Sensitivity
This hospital recognized a growing problem and nipped it in the bud.

Infection Prevention
How to Handle 3 Sterile Conscience Dilemmas

Insurance Q & A
An Update on Colonoscopy Coding

My Turn
Weve Been Patient Long Enough

This Just In...
HCFA Changes Name; Promises Agency Reform

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July 2001

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