Archive June 2001 II, No. 6


How to Minimize OR Clutter
Tips and strategies for making the most of the workspace in your OR.

Decoding HIPAA: A 6-Point Guide
Time is your most valuable resource when it comes to HIPAA preparation.

Should You Switch to Generic IV Anesthetics
An aesthesiologist tells you what you need to know before deciding.

How We Do Total Knees at our ASC
They are not too complex for this setting.

A Primer on Smoke Evacuation
Expert advice to help you clear the air in your OR.

5 Products for Better Prepping
Weve come a long way from tincture of iodine.

Infection Prevention
Soiled Scopes, Peel Packs, Wet Loads, and Other Issues

Insurance Q & A
An ASC Code Update

Letters to the Editor
The Bright Side of HIPAA

My Turn
Playing by the Rules

This Just In...
Survey: Nurses Unhappy with Working Conditions

Product News

June 2001

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