Archive May 2001 II, No. 5


How We Added Endoscopy Through Leasing
This facility added a profitable service, with no capital investment.

Inside the Mind of a Surgeon
Conversations with five specialists.

Is it Time to Refine Your Anesthesia Regimen?
An internal analysis may help you cut costs and improve patient satisfaction.

How to Cut Cataract Knife Costs
Advice for selecting and streamlining.

5 Oral Pain Meds: What You Need to Know
An in-depth look at 5 popular prescription pain-killers.

Understanding Medical Gloves
What to consider when purchasing medical gloves and evaluating those in your facility

Infection Prevention
Booties, Blades, BI Testing, and Other Issues

Insurance Q & A
How to Document Breast Biopsies

Letters to the Editor
The Anesthesia Debate Continues

My Turn
Taking Care of Our Own

This Just In...
Feds Will Continue Focus on Healthcare Fraud

Product News

May 2001

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