Archive April 2001 II, No. 4


Is it Wise to Joint Venture
Point - Counterpoint

The Rise and Fall of Rome ASC
When a freestanding ASC moved into a small upstate New York town, things turned stormy. A special report

Managers Squeeze Profits Out of Plastics
As more baby boomers rush to get facelifts and liposuction, managers find creative ways to make these procedures pay off.

3 Employee Hazards: What You Need to Know
How to protect your employees and yourself.

A Guide to Patient Positioning
Advice and innovative products to achieve safety, comfort, and accessibility.

How Facilities are Fighting for Outpatient Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication
Getting reimbursed may be a struggle, but these facilities believe that this complex procedure belongs in the outpatient arena.

New Options in Wound Closure
The latest in sutures & suture alternatives

Infection Prevention
4 Options for Low-Temperature Sterilization

Insurance Q & A
Coding for Cataracts

Letters to the Editor
Editorial Bias and Other Issues

My Turn
Learning the Business of Medicine

This Just In...
Survey Says: Cataract Cases are Better, Faster

Product News

April 2001

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