Archive Total Joint Guide 2016

CMS's Bundled Payments Offer False Hope
Medicare's laudable efforts to control expenses won't do nearly enough.

It's Time to Add Outpatient Total Joints
Advancements in surgical technology and pain management usher in same day joint replacement.

Who Are the Best Candidates For Same-Day Joints?
Set a foundation for success by selecting suitable patients.

5 Ways to Control Post-Op Pain
Effective pain management will set your joint replacement program apart.

Lower the Risk of Joint Infections
5 infection prevention strategies to prevent SSIs in at-risk patients.

Equipping Your Total Joints OR
How to furnish your room in style — from the equipment to the instruments to the supplies.

The Case for Robotic-Assisted Total Knee Replacement
Incredible precision levels the playing field among surgeons and improves long-term outcomes.

Understanding Your Implant Options
What you need to know before sifting through the countless versions of hip and knee hardware.

Is the Repless Model for You?
Inside the trend that promises to cut implant costs and limit vendor influence in the OR.

Safe at Home
Ensuring rehab goes smoothly in the weeks after surgery is the final piece of the patient care puzzle.

Reimbursement, Robots and Patient Selection Q&A with Sharat Kusuma, MD, joint replacement specialist and surgical consultant.

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