Archive Surgical Supplies Guide 2007

3 Steps to Right-sizing Your Suture Stock
A colored tracking system will stitch flaws in your inventory management system.

Tailoring the Prep Every Time
Knowing the wide array of preps can save you money and reduce infection rates.

Are You Overpacking?
How this materials manager refined her procedure packs.

Why Scrub When You Can Rub?
An evidence-based comparison provides answers to your stocking questions.

Secrets of a Successful Glove Trial
Insiders' knowledge for converting your staff and surgeons to a glove that performs better and (hopefully) costs less.

Reduce Waste in Draping
Surgical drapes should maintain a sterile field before they save you money.

What Is Storage Really Costing You?
Where to look to wring savings out of your supply chain.

Safety Sharp Solutions
Here's how and why you need to convince your staff to make the switch.

Are Supply Savings in the Cards?
Managing physician preference cards demands regular monitoring — and a little bit of salesmanship.

10 Ways to Organize Your Storeroom
Tips and tricks collected from years of trying to keep things tidy.

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