Archive Surgical Supplies Guide 2006

Transform Your Supply Budget
One facility's action plan includes four easy-to-implement steps.

Who Should Manage Your Supplies?
The best materials managers smile their way to savings and staff harmony.

What's Inflating Your Case Costs?
Understanding the factors that determine your case costs will help keep them in check.

4 Ways to Fend off the Latex Threat
Understanding the cause is only the beginning. You need to take a critical look at your gloves and other supplies, too.

Guide to Suture Buying
How to make the limited market work with your limited budget.

You Can Save on Barrier Protection
Take stock of your customized packs and the materials you're buying to make a difference.

Skin Deep Isn't Cheap
Proper use, efficiency and economy go hand-in-hand for scrub products.

Strategies to Save on Sharps
How to buy needles and blades with an eye on your bottom line.

Understanding Surface Disinfectants
How to choose and use these solutions to ensure your OR is up to cleanliness standards.

5 Rules of the Trade
This materials manager plays the supply-buying game to win.

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