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Supply Help At Your Fingertips

How Do You Buy Your Surgical Supplies?
Our survey examines how facility managers decide which supplies to buy.

10 Materials Management Practices That Get Results
Pearls to save you time and money as you manage the expense of surgical supplies.

Uncovering 3 Hidden Supply Costs
Can an item that has a higher list price actually cost you less in the long run? It can when you consider these hidden costs.

5 Ways to Make Your GPO Work for You
Here's how to reduce supply costs even further.

5 Ways to Get the Most from Your Surgical Supply Vendors
If you develop a personal relationship with a sales rep, you'll find that you can save time and money.

Browser's Paradise: 5 Top Web Sites for Online Ordering
Easier ordering, faster responses and immediate pricing and delivery schedule updates are just some of the benefits of buying your surgical supplies online.

Words of Wisdom
Readers share their best ideas for standardizing and economizing supply costs.

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