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Mind the Flying Tweezers: Lessons learned from an untidy medicine cabinet

Inside the Numbers
Medication Errors and the OR

A basic primer on inhalational, IV and regional anesthetics for non-anesthesia personnel.

Pump Up Your Pain Management
Pain pumps are the new frontier of outpatient surgery. Here's a rundown of the latest products on the market, and why you need them.

How to Choose Opioids
How to choose oral and injectable pain medications.

Sizing Up Non-opioid Analgesics
From ibuprofen to the controversial COX-2s, here's what you need to know.

How to Treat and Prevent PONV
Everything you need to know about 5-HT3s, generics and adjuvants to keep patients from suffering post-op.

Six Steps to Five-star Medication Safety
How one hospital made strides and earned national recognition.

Making All the Right Moves
Here are 14 ways a pharmacist consultant can improve your medication use.

Administering the Right Antibiotic at the Right Time
How we got to near-perfect compliance by reassigning responsibility and changing a few forms.

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