Archive Surgical Construction Guide 2017

In You Build It, They Will Come
Our brand new surgery center attracts surgeons and patients alike.

Total Joints Are Jumping
We opened a brand new surgery center to keep up with skyrocketing demand.

Why We Renovated for Outpatient Spine
Our surgery center expanded into a rehabbed facility for a fraction of what new construction would have cost.

Redesign & Reinvent Your Reprocessing Room
The central sterile department at St. Cloud Hospital is a high-tech, staff-friendly wonder.

ORs Built for Speed
Combining the latest technologies with a functional design improves clinical efficiencies.

Don't Go It Alone
Choose the advisors and consultants to make your project a success.

A Roadmap to OR Integration
Follow these steps to unlock the power of technologically advanced surgical care.

Build Rooms With Eye-Popping Views
The right visualization system puts the finishing touch on your OR upgrade.

Navigate the New Life Safety Codes
Tips to ensure your project complies with CMS's detailed requirements.

Check Out Every Detail of Your ORs — Before They're Built
Q&A with Will Adams, M.Arch., master architect and guru of virtual reality design.

Outpatient Surgery Magazine's Architects' Showcase