Archive Surgical Construction Guide 2010

Bonuses of Building in a Slowed Economy
Why now could be the best time to build a new facility.

Designs That Make You Go "Wow!"
From windows in the OR to spa-like PACU bays, 6 facilities tout their favorite features.

Technologies That Really Pay Off
Readers share their must-have items for outfitting your ORs in the new economy.

The Physician-hospital ASC Joint Venture: Unholy Union or Saving Grace?
Physician-owners are discovering that partnering with a hospital not only brings certain advantages, but may be critical to the venture's long-term success.

Are You Equipped for Speed?
Outfit your facility with efficiency in mind.

Secure Favorable Financing In a Tight Credit Market
5 ways to find the money to get your project built. (Hint: You'll need to get creative.)

Say Goodbye to Bottlenecks
7 design tips to improve operational efficiency and patient flow.

Rules to Play by When Soliciting Physician-investors
Equity offerings to surgeons that run afoul of securities laws or healthcare regulations can snare you in costly, stressful investigations or lawsuits.

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