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The Outlook for Outpatient Surgery
Two healthcare attorneys chart a course for 2009.

25 Little Things That Matter a Great Deal
Design and construction tips you can't afford to overlook.

Free Advice Worth Its Weight in Gold
Words of wisdom to guide you as you embark on your surgical construction or renovation project.

How the Experts Equip Their ORs
From budgeting to booms and from scopes to service: a selection of good advice.

How to Find the Money for Your Construction Project
Advice to get over the barriers to finding startup financing.

Surviving a Renovation Project
Architects offer tips on planning and conducting improvements.

Breathe New Life Into Your Facility
Three administrators explain how they successfully completed renovations and expansions at their surgical facilities - and lived to tell the tale.

How a Corporate Partner Saved Our ASC
My physician-partners and I thought we could go it alone, but it took an ASC development company to set us on the path to profitability.

Are You Ready to Go Green?
Sustainable designs are entering the mainstream. From simple blueprint tweaks to major changes in design philosophy, here's how to join the movement.

Healthy By Design
Evidence-based design is making healthcare facilities healthier.

Partner With a Hospital?
Here's how to tell if a joint venture is for you.

Physician-owned Hospitals in Washington's Crosshairs
Expect new restrictions and regulations in 2009 aimed at outlawing doctor self-referral.

Oh, the Lessons I've Learned
Oh, the Lessons I've Learned

Outpatient Surgery Magazine's Architects' Showcase