Archive Surgical Construction Guide 2007

Weighing Your Financing Options
How can your venture score start-up cash at the lowest cost with the most advantageous terms?

Assemble the Development Team That's Right for You
Determine your needs first, then hire only the professionals necessary to meet them.

Suit or Hard Hat?
Choosing the right project manager is really about deciding on a personality.

Healing by Design
How to use evidence-based design techniques to promote healing in your facility.

Evaluating Your Real Estate Options
Seven key questions to consider about the structure that houses your surgery facility.

What Can Corporate Partners Bring to the OR Table?
When it comes to running the business, corporate partners use their experience to make your center a success.

Building IT into Your Facility
Technology needs aren't as simple as they used to be — but now you get more for your money.

Equipping Your OR for the Future
As minimally invasive surgery evolves, the integrated surgical suite will become the new standard of care.

What Will Your ORs Look Like in 2017?
How to plan in the present for the operating suite of the future.

What to Expect During Your Facility's First Survey
Advice for those about to let the accreditor inspect their new facilities.

Finding the Right Anesthesia Provider
Your anesthesiologist or CRNA can contribute to the success of your center, but how do you select the best person for the job?

A Few Things Those in the Know Should Know
Tips, trends and news you can use to win at outpatient surgery.

Making Your First Hires Work
Staffing a new facility is a lesson in dogged determination.

Getting Paid for the Services You Provide
Here's a look at the past, the present and the next year's big changes.

Your Top Legal Worries for 2007
Expect more scrutiny for how you partner with physicians and hospitals.

The Perils and Payoffs of Hospital Joint Ventures
How we built an ASC from partnership and perseverance.

Outpatient Surgery Magazine's Architects' Showcase