Archive Surgical Construction Guide 2006

You're in the Right Space at the Right Time
Once the contractors leave, you've got to get your asset performing.

Look Out Below!
Top ten signs that your surgical construction project is doomed.

Overbuild, Overequip and Overstaff
These are the three surest ways to sink your surgery center.

A New ASC Payment System Is Coming
After 25 years, Congress is planning to update the ASC payment system and coverage rules. Here's what you need to know.

Developing a Fee Schedule
Here's advice on setting the prices for your surgical services.

Understanding the Business of Anesthesia
Here's a look at the options available to you in choosing a model for the delivery of anesthesia services.

Brick by Brick: How Much Will Your New ASC Cost?
While there are variables only you can define, here's a guide for ballparking your fixed expenses.

What You Need to Obtain Financing
A panel of experts discusses what financing companies are looking for when deciding whether to mete out cash for your project.

Hiring Your Development Team
There's no need to go it alone. Here's what to consider in assembling your development team.

Scrubs or Suits: Are You Dressed for Success?
The business of running a surgery center is more complex than it might appear. Find out if it makes sense to pick a corporate partner to help you run things.

Wired for Success
Outfitting your new facility isn't as simple as buying a couple of desktops at the nearest Best Buy.

Equipment Planning: How to Do it Right the First Time
Poor equipment planning can cost big money and delay the opening of your new surgical center.

Designing the OR of the Future
Planning for tomorrow can ensure your OR isn't out of date next year.

Don't Let Construction Compromise Infection Control
Here's how to minimize the potential negative effects of dust, dirt and extra people moving through your center.

Renovate, Expand or Relocate?
What to do when you don't have enough square feet or OR minutes to meet your surgeons' demands.

Speaking the Language of Managed Care
A review of the terms and hidden meanings you need to know to analyze and negotiate payer contracts.

Tips for Intelligent Interior Design
Experts explain how design elements can add beauty and functionality to your facility.

Quick and Easy Ways to Market Your Facility
Set yourself apart in the minds of both patients and physicians.

Master the CON Job
Here's how to make the paperwork process a part-time pleasure instead of a full-time nightmare.

Your Top 5 Legal Concerns
Here's a review of the major hurdles you must clear as you develop your surgery center.

The Wall Street View of Surgical Centers
An equity research analyst explains why his investment firm sees the ambulatory surgical center industry as a great long-term investment opportunity.

Outpatient Surgery Magazine's Architects' Showcase