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What I Learned the Second Time Around
This ophthalmologist's first surgery center overwhelmed him with success. The second time around, he thinks he's got it right.

6 Secrets to a Successful Hospital Buildout
Lessons learned from a hospital's 2-OR surgery center-expansion project.

Anatomy of a Turnaround
Doing everything wrong and teetering on the brink of financial ruin, this surgery center is now pointed in the right direction.

Secrets of a Successful Joint Venture
Can surgeons and hospital administrators come together for a common goal? Yes, and our experts tell you how.

Financial Lessons of a First-timer
Four rules I learned in securing the working capital to get an ASC off the ground.

Charting Your Financial Course
If you don't take the time develop these six revenue policies, your facility's bottom line might be bobbing on a sea of uncertainty.

5 Keys to Equipping Your ORs
These design principles will ensure your operating suites will still be state-of-the-art five years from now.

7 Questions to Ask Your Medical Equipment Planner
Here's how to get what you want in a planner and an OR.

Equipping for the Long Haul
Prepare your center for technology updates and expansion by following these tips from the pros.

Turn Your New Surgery Center into an Exhibit Hall
As you plan to equip your ORs, wouldn't it be nice if capital equipment manufacturers displayed their products in your facility? Here's how one manager did just that.

Your Facility's Hidden Systems
The surgical facility is a body — here's how its skeletal, respiratory, circulatory and nervous systems work.

Deemed Status Survey: Your Fast Track to Profitability
Putting your facility through a deemed status survey means you'll be getting reimbursed for cases about a month after you open.

How to Impress Your Surveyors
Four steps to passing your state licensure and Medicare certification with flying colors.

Advice from Architects
Taking the time to properly plan your project is the key to saving time and money down the road.

Are CONs Making a Comeback?
That seems to be the case, and the trend portends more restrictions for builders of outpatient surgical facilities.

Staffing Your New Surgical Facility
Here are six strategies for hiring nurses and techs that will turn patients and physicians into satisfied customers.

6 Ways to Market Your Surgery Center to Physicians
Get up close and personal with the physicians you're hoping will bring their cases to your facility.

Should Anesthesiologists Own a Piece of Your Surgical Facility?
A look at the legal and practical considerations of offering anesthetists equity positions.

Outpatient Surgery Magazine's Architects' Showcase