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A Fine Line Separates Thriving and Surviving

ASC Business Models: Which One Is Right for You?
There are several options available out there - do it yourself, hire a consultant, join with a corporate partner or partner with a hospital.

Stacking the Odds In Your Favor
Acoid these five common mistakes now to help ensure a successful ASC project later.

10 Keys to a Successful Surgical Venture
While there are no guarantees, you can't go wrong if you follow these guideposts.

Free Advice from The Experts
Development and management consultants share their keys to success.

Diary of a New Surgery Center
The manager of an under-construction ASC shares her thoughts on the process of getting ready for business in a few short months.

7 Practical Tips for Winning Your CON
How you can take control of the process.

The OR of the Future...Is Now
Powered by the touch of a screen or a voice command, centralized OR controls are the brains behind today's high-tech OR suites.

Equip Your Center with Efficiency in Mind
Look beyond cost and focus on equipment that will make your center a model of comfort for patients and convenience for surgeons.

Should You Add Surgeons and Specialties?
Here's how to tell if adding new services and surgeons to your facility is right for you.

Achieving a Reasonable ROI for Your ASC
Taking a few tips from the business world and staying loyal to your goals will help you arrive at a realistic target.

Facilities On Parade
A portfolio of opportunities for surgical entrepreneurs

Turn Your Pro Forma into a Roadmap to Financial Success
Refining and updating your pro forma throughout development is a good way to fulfill your facility's financial objectives after the doors open.

Maze or Minefield? How to Find the Money You Need to Expand
Whether you're outfitting an OR or building a new facility, here's how to find the money to finance your expansion plans.

Financing the Real Estate For Your Facility
When it comes to getting financing for a surgery center project, be prepared to navigate a long and winding road.

Your Legal To-Do List
10 regulatory-legal issues to resolve before you get started.

6 Steps to Combat Economic Credentialing
Hospitals are increasingly basing their credentialing decisions on physicians' business interests - but there are ways to fight back.

Top 10 High-Tech Considerations
A list of do's and don'ts to keep in mind as you automate your new surgery center.

5 Top Tips for Construction Success
Readers who've built outpatient facilities offer their best advice.

Outpatient Surgery Magazine's Architects' Showcase