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Where Will You Be a Year From Now?

Why Our Hospital Is Building an ASC
"The modern-day reality of hospital medicine is that outpatient surgery foots the bill for money-losing but medically crucial services such as the emergency room, the ICU and obstetrics," says this hospital president and CEO.

Built for (but not with) Speed
Constructing a beautiful new building should change this doctor's life for the better. But it wasn't easy.

Fourth Time's a Charm for This Surgical Hospital
After years of making all the wrong moves, success finally caught up to this small-town facility in a big way.

Taking the Road Less Traveled to ASC Success
How a self-described "mom and pop" dermatology practice converted a three-story credit union into one of the most unique ASCs you'll ever see.

Inside the First Surgical Hospital
"We added beds to our ASC and patients loved it," says the father of the surgical hospital model of ambulatory surgery.

How We Became Our Own Landlords
Patience and careful planning were the keys to this orthopedics group's success in controlling its own new location.

Time and Local Hospital Were Not on Our Side
Lessons learned from a group that built a specialty hospital in 18 months - with opposition from the local hospital.

Going With the Flow
Flexibility helped this plastic surgeon dodge a mistake and build the surgery center of his dreams.

A Shot of Adrenaline
Bringing on a junior partner convinced this oral/maxillofacial specialist to revamp his office and his office operating room.

The Second Time Around
When our hospital system built a second outpatient center, we did the things we wished we had done the first time around.

Lessons Learned from a Hospital's $9.9-Million ASC
For the builders of this surgery center, hospital ownership paved the way in some respects, but also created some unique challenges. Here are 9 tips that you can take with you.

'An ASC with Five-Star Hotel Rooms'
From America's heartland comes the story of a physician-driven, patient-friendly surgical hospital with five-star hotel rooms and state-of-the-art medical care.

Where There's a Need, There's a Way
The CEO tells the story of how a group of physicians fought hard to bring a specialty hospital to what was once a one-hospital town.

Office Surgery: A Win-Win Proposition
Building an on-site foot and ankle surgery suite materially helped this doctor provide better care.

It Takes More than Bricks and Mortar
Before we could build new ORs, we had to build consensus.

Tips from the Facility Development Experts
Our survey of facility developers turned up some important advice for would-be surgical entrepreneurs.

Equipping Your New Surgery Center
A professional equipment consultant offers a step-by-step approach to managing the equipment planning process.

Five Steps to Smoother Financing
In the early stages of building a new surgical facility, your success may hinge more on finding the right financing than on any other single factor. Here's what you need to know.

10 Legal Hurdles to Clear
An overview of the legal issues affecting the ownership and operations of today's surgical facilities.

Before You Break Ground
Use this checklist to ensure success.

Conducting a Feasibility Study
Six factors to weigh before you move forward on your project.

Words of Wisdom

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