Archive Surgery's Hottest Trends Guide 2014

Could 3D Printing Revolutionize Surgery?
Now you can strategize with an exact replica before you operate.

Outpatient Knee Gains Momentum
Patients want to go home the day of surgery. Why not let them?

Bug Zapper
Room-disinfection robots shoot beams of ultraviolet light to reduce the bacterial count on surfaces you might have missed.

Intravenous Innovations
Start IVs with vein-finding technology and safety catheters.

Eyeing the Potential Of Laser Cataract Surgery
Improved outcomes might lead to more widespread use of the game-changing technology.

Why 3D Still Matters
Depth perception brings several advantages to surgical imaging.

Making Sense of Cloud Computing
The cloud can mobilize your facility, but keep your surgeons and staff on the same page.

Multimodal's Multiple Benefits
There are plenty of ways to reduce opioid use when controlling post-op pain.

Better Than High Definition?
Ultra HD is poised to become the latest technology that revolutionizes what surgeons see.

The View From Inside
For colonoscopy, good visualization is getting better.

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