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Archive Staff & Patient Safety Guide 2017

Lessons From 3 Wrong-Site Surgeries
Focus on what really happened, not what's supposed to happen.

Make MH Drills Count
Realistic practice sessions could someday prove to be life-saving exercises.

The High Cost of Pressure Injuries
Your patients' health and your facility's finances are at significant risk if you don't protect sensitive skin.

Let's Ban Surgical Smoke
It's time to protect all surgical professionals from the harmful effects of toxic plumes.

Perfect Your Patient Warming Protocols
It takes a total team effort to maintain normothermia in patients from pre-op to the PACU.

The Horror and Heartbreak of a Retained Object
Nurses with firsthand experience of retained surgical items carry deep emotional scars.

Sell Surgeons on Safety Scalpels
Emphasizing the personal and financial costs of sharps injuries will help get safer blades into your ORs.

Two Gloves Are Better Than One
Double-gloving can be a hard sell, but there are plenty of reasons to make it mandatory.

Prevent Slips, Trips & Falls in the OR
Cords, clutter, puddles and other hazards can lead to workplace injuries.

Sterile Processing Safety Check
The unsung heroes of your facility deserve to work without worry.

Are Your Patients at Risk of DVT?
The vascular surgeon who created the Caprini Score discusses how to protect your patients from life-threatening blood clots.

5 Steps to Improved C-Arm Safety
Protect your surgical team from intraoperative imaging's hidden harm.

What Would You Do If Bullets Started to Fly?
Q&A with Lenworth M. Jacobs, MD, MPH, FACS, trauma surgeon and proponent of preparing for active shooter events.

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