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Archive Staff & Patient Safety Guide 2016

Stop the Preventable Medical Error Crisis
How many more patients must die before we decide enough is enough?

My Son Did Not Have to Die
Learn from the avoidable opioid-induced hypoxia that took his life.

The Finer Points of Sharps Safety
Focus on these 4 areas to reduce risks of cuts and sticks.

Marking the Site Right (Correctly)
There are lots of ways to do it wrong, but only a couple of ways to do it right.

Pearls for Proper Patient Positioning
Use the right type of equipment for the patient and the procedure to keep your patients safe.

5 Keys to a Fast and Focused MH Response
Staff who act quickly and decisively are more likely to save a life.

Spot Every Sponge
Give your staff the help they need to ensure no object is left behind.

Stay Current on Electrosurgery
Don't let your patients get burned by energy-based technology.

Keep OR Floors Clear and Dry
For the surgical team, safety starts from the ground up.

It's Time for Honest Discussions About Medical Care Gone Wrong
Q&A with Marty Makary, MD, MPH, patient safety advocate and healthcare transparency proponent.

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