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Archive Staff & Patient Safety Guide 2015

MH Drills Can Be a Real Life Saver
My son is alive today because the surgical team did everything right.

Do You Have a Culture of Safety?
Experts weigh in on why changing the environment of your OR is difficult, but essential.

5 Truths About Wrong-Site Surgery
In order to prevent the "never event," you need to understand what's causing it.

Reduce the Risk of Surgical Smoke
It's time to take ownership in protecting yourself from potential harm.

Best Practices in Drug Safety
Expert advice on proper medication storage, security and labeling.

Are You Warming Patients Safely?
Here's what you might be doing wrong — and how to fix it.

3 Patient Positioning Pointers
The OR table can be a dangerous place for patients — don't let nerve damage and skin injuries mar your surgical outcomes.

How to Conduct a Safety Sharps Trial
Yes, you can get your docs to (at least) trial and (possibly) use safety sharps.

Are Your ORs Obstacle Courses?
Take the necessary steps to reduce risks of slips, trips and falls.

New Thoughts on Radiation Safety
A review of the literature adds clarity to the big picture.

A Better Way to Eliminate Retained Surgical Items
Accounting, not counting, will ensure no sponges are left behind.

The Constant Quest for Zero
Q&A with Peter J. Pronovost, MD, PhD, FCCM, the anesthesiologist and critical care physician who's dedicated to improving patient safety.

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